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The Equation of My Love by Vikram Rana, ISBN: 9789380349039
The Equation of My Love
By: Vikram Rana


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Description - The Equation of My Love
Adolescent relationships are often laughed upon, overlooked and considered as infatuations. For Shayan Malik, it wasn’t so. He was smitten by his classmate, Naina. He had the plan to prolong their romance from school classrooms to alleys of Delhi University, research labs of an IIT, and live happily ever after. Yes, that didn’t happen.

In summer 2007, Shayan landed in America for his internship. Adventure stories of his friends from Europe motivated Shayan to amputate himself from her reminiscences, and enjoy New York’s majestic nightlife. Will Shayan be able to move on? Will he be able to abandon Naina’s memories? Will desires triumph over love?


‘It’s a nightmare. Wake up.’ Reciting these lines at light speed, I pulled all of my left over strength to open my eyes; the left one was swollen and sharp impulses of pain seared to the center of my head from forehead.

‘Fuck, shit. Please No.’ were the next words from my mouth on seeing, whatever I could from my partially opened eyes. The view was so awful that I couldn’t even react to the pain that surfaced in my lower jaw by shouting fuck and shit. It was a matchbox sized room with nothing except me and a crapper. The walls had no windows only nano holes ensuring minimum air circulation for survival. The huge metal door was merged inside the wall, no handle or screw visible on it. It was exactly like one of the rooms of those freaky Hollywood movies, where some psycho would capture beautiful blonds to torture, and later execute them brutally. But I was neither a blond nor kidnapped by some man donning black cloak. What was going on I couldn’t understand.

‘Relax, relax Shayan you are an IITian. Think.’ I tried to calm down just like the protagonist in soaps and movies did, and later came out with brilliant escape plans. But in those, they always went either for a crime or for criminals. I was none, but just a simple intern in New York University from one of the prestigious institute of India.

‘Remember Michael Scoffield of Prison break, Jack Bauer of 24 or Die hard series.’ When I tried to think, I thought about them. Being a college student also meant watching soaps and discussing movies instead of attending classes, and learning what I was supposed to. Few seconds later instead of a breakout plan only frustration and fear came out of my mind, which blurred my view because my eyes were watering like Niagara Falls.

‘I am not supposed to be here. What did I do? Is it because of Elizabeth? Damn I agreed to Karan’s way of getting over Naina, and shedding my beliefs about true love and commitments. Naina Baweja, only girl I loved since high school left me for the crime I never, but almost did at the age of seventeen. Living in her memories made me fragile and stupid enough to listen to Karan and Gyan’s advice of forgetting one woman by sleeping with another. Damn their words of wisdom. Fuck, fuck it is all because of me.’ Fucked up big-time, I was trying to figure out which sin of mine brought me to that place. The door suddenly croaked and opened. I saw a gentleman standing there.

‘Sir please, it is a mistake. I didn’t do anything not even Elizabeth. Let me go; I won’t do it again. I am sorry. I am sorry.’ I grabbed his leg, and cried my innocence.

‘I will make sure you won’t be able to, bloody terrorist.’ The baldheaded scary looking guy in a crisp suit pushed me to the floor, freeing his leg from my grip.

The word, terrorist, kept echoing in my mind, and frequency of which decreased after he hit me on my swollen eye. It was dark again.

Book Details - The Equation of My Love
ISBN : 9789380349039
Title : The Equation of My Love
By: Vikram Rana
Binding : Paperback
Publisher : Srishti Publishers
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