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Data Structures (Principles and Fundamentals) by Jim Keogh, Ken Davidson, ISBN: 9788177224801
Data Structures (Principles and Fundamentals)
By: Jim Keogh, Ken Davidson

Mar 2004

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Description - Data Structures (Principles and Fundamentals)
Whether you are an entry-level or seasoned designer or programmer, learn all about data structures in this easy-to-understand, self-teaching guide that can be directly applied to any programming language. From memory and addresses to hashtables, authors Keogh and Davidson, provide clear explanations that demystify this "algebra of programming". Memory, Abstract Data Types, and Addresses The Point about Variables and Pointers What Is an Array? Stacks Using an Array Queues Using an Array What is a Linked List? Stacks Using Linked Lists Queues Using Linked Lists Stacks and Queues: Insert, Delete, Peek, Find What is a Tree? What is a Hashtable?
Book Details - Data Structures (Principles and Fundamentals)
ISBN : 9788177224801
Title : Data Structures (Principles and Fundamentals)
By: Jim Keogh, Ken Davidson
Binding : Paperback
Date : Mar 2004
Publisher : Dreamtech press
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