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About Us

Remember the time when buying books used to be fun - the brick and mortar experience? Ah! The joy of staring at a wall of books, books of different shapes and sizes, with colors that mesmerized, each one with a story just waiting to be discovered. You pick some that look good, plod down on a bean bag, and dig in only to be lost for hours in the fantastic world of the written word; finally leaving with a bag and a big beatific smile.

With the advent of electronic bookstores, this has started to change, and not necessarily for the better. The current online bookstores are good when you want to buy a particular book and not much else. Accelerated lifestyles require the convenience of online shopping. But at some point, riding the information super-highway the deeply personal and satisfying experience of book shopping has been sacrificed, and we feel your pain.

For you see - what is missing from the book-shopping experience of the modern internet age is LOVE, and we decided to do something about it.

We started - the bookstore that loves books as much as you do.

We bring customer-friendly ideas from the brick and mortar stores online. but on steroids. We offer the casual browsing feature of these bookstores - segregation of books based on various classifications, easy access to detailed book information (and more features to come) - with a much larger number of books. We offer free shipping on most titles, lightning fast delivery, and above all, a friendly and reliable shopping experience. We offer full replacements without questions in case of any problems. Our customer service representatives are always standing by and offer full email support. You can request us any book that might not be available with us at that particular moment; and we'll do our best to get it for you. We believe that now you should not be deprived of that book you really wanted but could not get your hands on.
It is our passion for books that has brought us together and we strive to make sure that the fire of love within every booklover's heart stays alive. But like every bookstore, we are incomplete without you. We want you to feel "at home" here. Tell us if you need something. Tell us if there is something you see wrong. Tell us if you have an idea for us. Feel free and just drop a mail at We would love to hear from a fellow booklover.
We are a couple of IIT-IIM graduates with the zeal in our hearts to provide easy access to books in every nook and cranny of the country and to trigger a literary revolution when more and more people take up the habit of reading books.
If you are passionate about books and love facing challenges while working in a startup, then look up the careers page for job openings and shoot us an email.
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An exquisite online book store for all book lovers in India. We keep all kinds of books including general books, text/academic books, fiction books, novels, medical books, engineering books, children books et al. We offer best prices, discounts and ensure excellent service quality. We do not sell old/used books. No free ebooks/pdfs are available for download on our website.